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Reflective Shine provide render cleaning in Nailsea to residential and commercial customers. No matter what type of building render you have including K-rend surfaces, we can clean your render. Our Nailsea render cleaning team have a huge amount of industry experience in the cleaning of rendered surfaces. We are able to remove all organic matter including moss, mould, fungi, algae and lichens. Atmospheric pollutants can also build up on render over time. Our low pressure render cleaning equipment along with the biocide treatments we use will clear, clean and treat the render on your property and continue to clean long after we have left, effectively future proofing your rendered surfaces.

Render can look very dirty over time due to the UK weather conditions and can easily ruin the appearance of your property. We are here to help solve that problem for you. Our Nailsea render cleaning team are highly professional, reliable and knowledgable within the exterior property cleaning industry. Our vehicles are fully equipped for any render cleaning project we undertake and we have all the high access equipment required to make sure we are able to provide you with an efficient and first-rate render cleaning service.

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    Render and K-rend Cleaning

    Render cleaning services

    Reflective Shine is a professional company offering render cleaning services in the local areas around Weston Super Mare, Clevedon and Portishead, where they have gained a well-earned reputation for cleaning up many neighbourhoods!

    Reflective Shine have cleaned a wide variety of buildings of all shapes and sizes - residential, commercial, industrial and educational. The cleaning team is highly trained and skilled in using a combination of specialised equipment and chemical cleaners, which they apply after assessing the particular requirements of the building they are going to clean.

    Reflective Shine has experience in safely and effectively cleaning all types of exterior render and wall cladding, from traditional lime or clay render, to sand and cement render, pebble-dash, or modern acrylic renders.

    Expertise in render cleaning is essential for undertaking such a task, because unless the cleaning process is carried out properly it could do more harm than good.

    The Reflective Shine cleaning team is not only well-qualified, but also insured, which means the results usually pass expectations, leaving your rendered surface looking as good as new.

    The cleaning system Reflective Shine use for render cleaning utilises specialised "soft wash" equipment, which applies water at low pressure but at a high flow rate. High pressure jet washing is a no-no for render cleaning, because it can cause expensive damage.

    The soft wash technique involves using biodegradable cleaning formulations which not only gently clean the wall surface of dirt and stains, but also treat the render to guard against re-infestation with plant material and pollutants.

    After cleaning your rendered building will be restored to its former glory, and is likely to stay bright for many years to come. Having the render professionally cleaned is certainly a better option than deciding to paint your rendered building, because covering the render with paint will reduce the "breathability" and character of the building.

    For a no-obligation chat about your render cleaning requirements contact Adam at Reflective Shine, call 07718 786 475 or email

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