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It's such a pity that many homes and gardens are turned into eyesores simply because they have untidy, weed-ridden, dirty and discoloured driveways, paths and/or patios.

Like any installation exposed to wear, tear, atmospheric pollution and the elements, areas of outdoor brick paving, paving slabs, stone, concreted and tiled surfaces need regular maintenance to keep them from looking stained, overgrown and downright drab. Dirty surfaces overgrown with algae are a safety hazard too, especially in wet weather when they become slippery underfoot.

With most of us having busy lives cleaning outdoor surfaces is a job we often neglect and put off, or we don't have the right equipment to hand.

If you think it's too late to rescue your outdoor surfaces from despair and degradation - think again! Reflective Shine are experts at cleaning, restoring and renovating paths, patios and driveways in and around Weston Super Mare, Clevedon and Portishead.

Renovation of patios, paths and driveways is far less expensive than replacing them, and the whole process of having your paving restored is relatively quick and easy. The Reflective Shine surface cleaning team are highly trained, professional, experienced and insured to take on the task.

Besides just removing all those stains, encrusted dirt, algae, moss and weeds from your patio, pathway, driveway or terrace, Reflective Shine offer specialised aftercare to treat and seal the newly cleaned surfaces.

The sealing treatment is a vital part of the process because it will ensure the effects of the surface cleaning last as long as possible, keeping dirt, growth and staining at bay.

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    Driveway Pressure Washing

    Clean, sand and seal

    Reflective Shine have undertaken some really tough jobs, where staining, discolouration and a build up of dirt and debris had rendered the original stone or brickwork almost invisible. The results are always dramatic, and when the patterning of the surface is revealed the whole look of the property is improved markedly, to the delight of the owners.We are also able to clean and treat tarmac or concrete driveways with equal success.

    We use the very latest high pressure washing jets and specially formulated detergents and sealers, adapted to suit each specific cleaning job. We take extra care not to damage or contaminate grass or plants in the surrounding area when cleaning your path, patio, or driveway. We are also able to safely clean swimming pool or pond surrounds.

    We can undertake small paving repairs, and re-sanding of block paving, so that after we've finished, your paved areas look as good as new, and should stay that way for years to come.

    Reflective Shine take on any patio, path or driveway cleaning work, whether it be for residential properties, industrial sites, commercial buildings or public open spaces.

    Contact Adam @ Reflective Shine, call 07718 786 475 or email

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